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Mango Baby Beach has a STORE NOW!!!!!

Hola Amigos.... Sorry it has been a minute since we updated you on all things Costa Rica and Mango Baby Beach. We now actually have a decent amount of business which requires actual work and not blog writing. Been busy bro, which is a good thing!

Anyhoo, back to the blog.

Let's see here... the last we spoke we had brought our dogs here to CR. They are happily reunited with their family. Kylo is still a big, dumb, lovable idiot and Stella is still a dog supermodel looking at us sideways because we took her from her retirement home life and put her in a day care where she has her 3 jerk kids touching her all the time. She likes it here, but if she could be honest and have it her way, I am sure she would be on the first flight back to Florida to kick it with Blanch and Rose.

OMG.... I almost forgot.... We signed Kylo up for obedience training with a local trainer here so we can feel more comfortable with him on the beach and around other dogs. He is a great dog, but is very playful and very big... so basically all other dogs hate him and view his playfulness as aggression. He started on a Monday at 7 AM for his 8 day intensive overnight training. I left at the same time as the trainer did with Kylo to take the kids to school and then go to the gym. When I returned at 9 AM, Kylo was back. He had flunked out of Dog School after an hour. He is too big and dominant to be trained around other dogs apparently and he will need to be individually trained at our house. Looks like he can't go to public doggy school so this bro is gonna be homeschooled!

Kids are back in school now from "Summer Break" (the Central American School Calendar runs February-December), so Fiona just started 1st grade and Jack just moved into 3rd grade. Our little dreamboat Roquito (not RoCCito because the CC's would make an S sound.... I'M LEARNING SPANISH!!!!) went back to day care where he is totally the favorite of every teacher (sorry but it's true). My parents came to visit for 8 days before the kids went back to school and for the first time in a few months, we were tourists again. It was nice. We went out on an amazing sunset cruise ran by our business associate Greddy who owns and operates Amazing Adventures with Greddy . We use him for all our our tour requests we receive from customers. With Greddy, we offer Volcano tours, jet skiing, parasailing, catamaran tours, sunset tours, fishing excursions, surf tours around Witches Rock (if you surf and don't know about Witches Rock, it is a MUST) and a bunch of other stuff that I am too lazy to list. Just look at our website here for the full list. It was a lovely visit and I can't wait for them to come back. Here are some pics from the fun....

Big news for Mango Baby Beach Rentals... We had the opportunity to open a storefront right at the base of the gated community where we live in Hermosa Heights. This is a major step for our business moving forward and we are very excited. We are in between a great Coffee House called Paw House Roasters (a great coffee house and bakery, with a bar upstairs that is open Thursday -Saturday evenings with events like Karaoke, Open Mic Nights and Celeb Guest Bartenders) AND the only Movie Theatre in all of the Guanacaste Province called the Beach Cinema Hermosa (we are going to see Antman and Wasp: Quantumania for Jack's birthday this weekend and I CANNOT WAIT). With the new store, our business is evolving and adapting. We previously delivered for free all over Guanacaste. We had to make adjustments due to the demands that operating a storefront create. We now charge a nominal fee for delivery depending on where in Guanacaste you are located, but one can pick up and return at our store anytime for free. We do still deliver for free to our White Glove Service customers who are referred by a Property Management Partner. Check out our new Digs!

We have our normal rental gear available, but have also added consumables to our product line. For the most part we are the only business in town when it comes to Baby Gear, so our rental brands like BobGear Strollers, Diono Car Seats and Dream on Me Pack and Plays are hot movers. We are now trying to push our beach equipment more, as well as outfit our store as a Beach Store and not just a Baby Gear store... So we are now carrying sunscreen, inflatables, goggles, and snorkels for our customers to purchase. We are also now an exclusive partner in Playa Hermosa with Dreamland Sunglasses. We carry their Sport and Fun series sunglasses and their great beach sombreros. I wore their products every day before we partnered. I love the look... Dreamland focuses on being stylish, but also environmentally responsible with their manufacturing practices, materials used and commitment to Eco causes in their community. They are also born and bred in Tamarindo, which is one of our fave places. Check out their merch online or right here:

I am glad to be back writing these and I have some fun ideas for them moving forward. Stay tuned. Rebecca is also working on a House Update with before and after pics. That will likely be ready next week. Pura Vida amigos and we will talk soon!

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