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Bye Bye Pacifico.... Hello Mango Casita!!

Hola Amigos! Pura Vida! For those of you that celebrate Christmas, I hope you guys are all getting ready for the big guy here in a few weeks. For our Jewish friends, we know you are getting ready for eight crazy nights starting (at least that is what Adam Sandler has told us!) this weekend so Happy Hanukkah! For those of you that will be celebrating Kwanzaa, we are sending you love and light this Kwanzaa! And if we failed to list your upcoming holiday celebration, lo siento! We sincerely wish you and yours a Happy Holiday!

Rebecca and the kids left to start our whirlwind US Christmas Tour on Saturday. I have to stick around a bit longer to handle some things for Mango Baby Beach, but I am right behind them and am surprising the kids with a flight home Wednesday (they aren't expecting me until Saturday) - I can't wait! This is my first time being away from them all since my last business trip in April. It feels weird, not gonna lie. Miss them dearly!

Saturday also marked the end of another chapter in the Murray Family Costa Rican adventure. We have been in Costa Rica since July 19, 2022. We started at the RIU Guanacaste Resort for 2 weeks (loved it.... Check out our review here). Then we transitioned to an amazing condo in Tamarindo for 30 days (love love loved it... check us out here). We transitioned to the gorgeous community of Pacifico on September 2, 2022 in Playas del Coco. This is where we have called home until this past Saturday. We loved this community and have made many life long friends in our short time there. We were blessed with having outstanding, fun and helpful neighbors (thanks Heidi and Carlo). This is also where we launched Mango Baby Beach Rentals to the world.

Pacifico is the perfect vacation spot for Westerners coming to live long or short term in Central America. It is one of the premier communities in in Playas del Coco. It is a gated community (most communities are gated with a security team) that consists of 2-3 bed room condos overlooking the ocean or pool, 3-4 bedroom townhouses overlooking the mountains or ocean, and then of course many single family homes ranging in prices from moderate 3 bedroom homes to modern mega mansions with the most spectacular views you will ever see. I wish I would have taken more pictures!

There is an American style grocery store right at the base of the community called AutoMercado. AutoMercado definitely caters to westerners and tourists and has many American brands of food and drinks. It is a little pricier than other grocery stores or markets here in CR, but it is very convenient. There are also 2 restaurants onsite at Pacifico Village Shops - Nikkei which is an Asian Fusion place with excellent sushi, ramen and cocktails and the other Numu Taproom & Bistro which has modern American fare, great cocktails and my favorite beer! In addition to the Pacifico Village Shop restaurants, there is also the Pina Shack located by the Pacifico pools that serves poolside bar food and drinks as well as Alma Santa and Blu Bar which are located at the Pacifico Beach Club. Reservation information and menus for Pina Shack, Alma Santa and Blu Bar can be found here. You can't go wrong with any of these places for lunch, dinner or drinks!

Finally, our favorite place at Pacifico was Longev Fitness and Wellness Center owned and operated by Kelli (super awesome fitness guru from North East Philly who moved here 12 years ago.... side note, my entire fathers side of the family is from Norht East Philly... so cool) and her husband Hans (super awesome Costa Rican bro).

The gym is legit and has a good mixture of free weights and dumbbells, as well as cardio equipment. Kelli and her associate Elisia also do personal training and manage a variety of classes for adults and children. Below is me and my former daily training partner Adam...He was my every day roll dog for a few months and it will not be long before he crushes me in every gym exercise. He is also younger, taller, has a better beard and is bigger than me. Now that I think about it, eff that guy. JK Adam... :)

Kelli and Hans are our kind of people. Obv they are super cool, but also they are entrepreneurial by nature, and adventurous. They have been a bit of a business mentor couple for Rebecca and I to learn from. I will even forgive that Kelly (Philadelphia native born and raised) knows nada about my beloved Eagles other then they are Green and are from Philadelphia. She knows a bit more about the Phillies, which I know nada about other then they are Red and from Philadelphia...don't judge me (reminder, I am the biggest Phillies bandwagon jumper on Earth and only pay attention when they are in the World Series). Unfortunately, I cannot attend the gym now that I am not a resident of Pacifico... so I joined a cult down the street called Ultra Fit, not sure if you have heard of it :) and I kind of love it...

Kelli and Hans have two awesome children, who our children have become very friendly with...I think a sleep over for Fiona and Ella is in the very near future. Although Fiona has never done a sleepover before, she is very excited for her first one which will be taking place this week in Charlotte with her longest bestie from daycare, Brooklyn, (or as Fi calls her Brookie). They have been best buds since they were about 12 weeks old if you can believe it! We are also getting a special visit in Costa Rica from Brooke's family over Spring Break in a few months and can't wait to show them everything we love about this country!

As we close the Pacifico chapter out, we start our journey as Costa Rican home owners and would like to officially introduce you to Mango Casita! (oh and I have man bun again... gonna grow it real long... sorry Rebecca I put this in after you edited).

I am officially staying in the house now, although it is still an active construction site. I have no silverware or glassware here, so I am eating cereal with a coffee scoop and whipping eggs with a utility knife the workers left here lol! The place will be completely done by the time we return and I cannot wait. The renovations are being completed by M&M Maintenance Services which is owned by Jeffry Perez. He and his team are wonderful and they have been a godsend since we started this project. Jeffry is completely trustworthy and accommodating. You can tell he takes pride in his work and truly cares about his clients. He came with strong referrals from the biggest developers in the Papagayo region and we can now say firsthand, we can see why! Definitely contact Jeffry if you are looking for any sort of renovations on your property in the Coco/Hermosa area.

And now, for some bonus cuteness - a freshly hatched baby sea turtle showed up in the middle of a beachfront restaurant we were at the other night! We all assisted the baby to the ocean, and the last we saw it, it was swimming away. Sea turtles are one of the coolest things you can see here in Costa Rica. They are amazing and have a survival rate of like 2% once they are hatched. It's unbelievable to see it in person.


As I mentioned, my family is in the US now and I miss them like crazy. I can't wait to be reunited in 2 days. Check out this super hero momma lugging car seats, strollers, luggage and 3 hijos through an international travel day. You are a #rockstar Rebecca! We don't just rent the equipment - we use it for our own kids as well so you know it is top quality products you can feel safe using with your children! We chose Diono, Bob Gear and Dream on me Inc because of their ease of use, durability, outstanding quality and reputation.

Pura Vida Amigos! A cachete inflado siempre (Inflated cheeks (smiling) always)!

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