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Cheers to 1 Year in the Land of PURA VIDA!

Hola, amigos! As we celebrate our one-year anniversary of living abroad, we want to take a moment to express our deep gratitude to Costa Rica, its people, and the warm welcome they've extended to us on this incredible journey.

When we first arrived in this unfamiliar land, not knowing the native language, we were strangers in a foreign country. But oh, how things have changed since then! Fast forward to today, and we find ourselves speaking Spanish very well.

Okay okay.... that's total bullshit. I could barely get it out without my pants catching fire.

If we are being honest.... our Spanish skills are more like those of babies learning to talk. But hey, we're making progress and we'll get there eventually. I look forward to the day where my most common phrase when speaking Spanish is not, "lo siento, mi espanol es basura... pero lo intento".

In this past year, we've transformed from having no connections, no friends, and no family in this new-to-us country. Our lives have been enriched by the wonderful people we've met along the way. We've built friendships and found family within this wonderful place. Together, we form a vibrant community of individuals from all corners of the world who have decided to take a break from their fast-paced, chaotic lives and embark on a thrilling adventure of PURE LIFE. We're here to experience a new culture, learn a new language, and, of course, revel in the breathtaking beauty that surrounds us every single day. Our community is not composed of solely expats though, many of our new "family" are Costa Rican. Our family has thrived in this Country, obviously our overall awesomeness helps... but it is mostly because we have received the warmest welcome. We feel home here and it is a testament to the inclusive nature of Costa Rican culture.

If you've been following our journey through these blogs and our social media channels (check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok), you know that we occasionally go on annoying nature rants and unleash our obsession with things like sunsets and the ocean blah blah. Yeah yeah I know.... But can you blame us? The beauty here is simply indescribable. It's like being intoxicated by the very essence of PURA VIDA. The sights, the colors, the awe-inspiring landscapes—it's all so euphoric and therapeutic. It's as if our souls are being cleansed by the pure magic that this place offers.

Here is a quick recap in pic form of the last 12 months....

So, as we raise our glasses to toast this amazing year, we want to express our deepest appreciation to Costa Rica and its people for embracing us and making us feel at home. We're forever grateful for the friendships we've formed and the experiences we've had. Here's to many more years of adventure, growth, and basking in the pure wonder of this extraordinary country we now call home. ¡Salud!


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