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Sailing into the Sunset: Experiencing the Best Costa Rican Catamaran Tours

Our review of the Happy Coco, by Exclusive Costa Rica Tours!

Yesterday, our family had the pleasure of spending the day on the Happy Coco Catamaran by Exclusive Costa Rica Tours. We have a special affection for this boat and extend a discount to all our customers. Currently, Mango Baby Beach customers receive a minimum of 10% off when booking directly with us. Save here!

The reason for our midweek weekend behavior was to celebrate our dear friend Andy's 50th birthday. Andy's family was in town to celebrate with him, and he and his wife, Shelly, asked if we could help plan a day on the water. Naturally, we went straight to our favorite boat, the Happy Coco in Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica. The boat is a giant two-story catamaran with no netting, offering all deck space and safety, especially for little ones. It is like a giant pontoon boat, complete with a bar, two bathrooms, and ample seating space on both the lower and upper decks. While we do enjoy other boats in the area (like the Kuna Vela, which we also adore), with three children of our own, including a lively 2.5-year-old, we appreciate the Happy Coco's expansive layout. It allows our little one to roam freely, sparing us from having to carry him the entire time – no small feat, given how heavy he can be!

Our day began at the Bosque Del Mar beachfront Hotel, where we parked and enjoyed a pre-cruise drink and a few games of billiards. You must check this place out! We can save you money here too :)... Then we met Marcella, the boat's owner, on the beach. She took a picture of our entire group of 30 (the boat holds up to 35 people). We were then taken by tender to the main boat. Once on board, the kids and adults relaxed, listened to music, ordered tropical beverages, and enjoyed the day. The boat has a full bar, and alcohol is included. They also make non-alcoholic drinks for the kids.

We cruised for about an hour around the Gulf of Papagayo, hoping to spot some wildlife. We have seen whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and birds putting on a show for the boat. This time, we saw what we believed was a school of fish jumping to escape a feeding whale, but unfortunately, we never saw the whale itself – maybe next time!

We then headed to a private beach where we could jump off the side of the boat, swim to the shore to explore the amazing hermit crab population living on the beach (you should check out how amazing hermit crabs are and the dance they do when they change their shells; it's spectacular!). We did some snorkeling, played on the stand-up paddleboards, and had a wonderful time together.

Around 4:30 PM, snacks and food were served (also included). It was light fare, not dinner, but the boat offered sandwiches, fruit, chips, and delicious dips. We began our return trip back to the BDM in Playa Hermosa around this time. On the slow crawl back home, we experienced the sunset – Costa Rican sunsets are legendary, but from the water, they are a sight to behold. You should see it with your own eyes.

A dance party broke out on the trip home, with kids and adults showing off their moves. It was, as always, a great time. The boat dropped us off back in Playa Hermosa around 6 PM. The crew on the boat was fantastic. The captain, Diego, was friendly and great with the kids (he even let a few of them drive). Jean Carlo was the first mate/do-everything guy, and our boy Erickson delivered our delicious drinks. The trip was great, and this boat is fantastic. We can't wait for the next time.


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