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The Best Time to Visit Costa Rica: A Tale of Two Seasons

Costa Rica, a land of stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and diverse wildlife, offers a paradise-like experience year-round. Understanding the distinct seasons, the dry season (December to May) and the green season (June to November), can help you decide the best time to visit based on your preferences.

Dry Season: December to May

The dry season in Costa Rica is synonymous with clear skies, abundant sunshine, and minimal rainfall, making it the peak tourist season. Travelers flock to Costa Rica during this time to escape the cold winter months in their own countries.

One of the major attractions of the dry season is the consistent weather. With almost no chance of rain, visitors can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, zip-lining, and beach days without the worry of getting caught in a downpour. The humidity is relatively low, and temperatures are warm, making it ideal for exploring the country's many natural wonders.

Christmas, winter, and spring breaks are popular times for tourists to visit, so expect higher prices and more crowds at popular destinations. Despite this, the dry season offers a picture-perfect Costa Rican experience with stunning sunsets, vibrant flora, and fauna, making it a memorable time to visit.

Green Season: June to November

Contrary to what some may think, the green season in Costa Rica is not a time to avoid, but rather a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. While it does rain more during this period, typically for about an hour a day, the rest of the day is characterized by clear skies and sunshine.

The rain transforms the landscape into a verdant paradise, with lush greenery and blooming flowers creating a stunning backdrop for your adventures. It's a quieter time to visit, as fewer tourists choose this season, allowing you to explore popular attractions with more peace and solitude.

One of the highlights of the green season is the opportunity to witness the annual migration of whales along the Pacific coast. While whale sightings are possible year-round, they are more common during this season, adding an exciting element to your visit.

Additionally, the green season offers lower rates for accommodations and activities, making it a more budget-friendly time to visit. Keep in mind that the green season coincides with summer break in the US and Canada, so popular destinations may still see an influx of visitors during this time.


Guanacaste, located in the northwest of Costa Rica, is renowned for its stunning beaches, diverse landscapes, and abundant wildlife, making it the most popular tourist destination in the country. Its pristine beaches, such as Playa Tamarindo, Playa Flamingo, and Playa Conchal, Playas Del Coco, Playa Hermosa are among the best in the world, attracting sun-seekers, surfers, and nature enthusiasts alike.

One of the key attractions of Guanacaste is its wide range of accommodation options, particularly its condo and villa rentals. These properties offer visitors the opportunity to experience the beauty and tranquility of the region in a more private and personalized setting. Many of these rentals are located in exclusive gated communities, providing added security and amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, and fitness centers.

For those looking to explore the natural beauty of Guanacaste, there are plenty of options available. Visitors can take a guided tour of the region's national parks, such as Rincon de la Vieja National Park or Palo Verde National Park, where they can hike through lush rainforests, swim in natural hot springs, and observe a variety of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Additionally, Guanacaste is home to some of Costa Rica's most vibrant towns and cities, including Liberia and Tamarindo, where visitors can experience the region's rich culture and history. From sampling traditional Costa Rican cuisine to browsing local markets for handmade souvenirs, there is no shortage of things to see and do in Guanacaste.

Whether you're looking for a relaxing beach getaway or an adventure-filled vacation, Guanacaste has something for everyone. Start your search for the perfect vacation rental today HERE and experience the beauty and charm of this remarkable region for yourself.

Whether you prefer the sun-drenched days of the dry season or the lush landscapes of the green season, Costa Rica offers something for every traveler. Each season has its own unique charm and attractions, ensuring that anytime you visit, you'll be greeted by the beauty and warmth of this tropical paradise.


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