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The Costa Rican housing market in Guanacaste is experiencing significant demand and activity. With its attractive climate, natural beauty, and ecotourism appeal, Guanacaste's real estate market is currently thriving, offering various opportunities for buyers and investors

Working with credentialed and registered agents who are in good standing with both CRGAR (Costa Rican Global Association of Realtors)  and SUGEF (Superintendencia General de Entidades Financieras or in English... Financial Institution Superintendency)  is crucial.  They offer expertise, adhere to ethical standards, and provide reliable guidance for navigating the Costa Rican real estate market. Choosing reputable professionals ensures a trustworthy and secure real estate experience.

Additionally, working with licensed and ethical builders and developers is vital. Unlicensed and unethical building practices have detrimental and irreversible impacts on local communities and the environment. Costa Rica's reputation as an ecological and ecotourism destination relies on responsible construction that respects sustainability and preserves natural resources for future generations.

The Murrays (my family), a family of five, sought a change after the pandemic disrupted our busy American lives. Despite having the "American Dream," we felt unfulfilled and craved more quality time together. When my wife Rebecca proposed moving to Costa Rica, we embraced the idea, sold much of our possessions, and started a business, Mango Baby Beach to provide a needed service in our  new home. We fell in love with Costa Rica and are excited to share the country's beauty and provide exceptional service. Pura Vida!


My name is John Murray, and while I am currently not a realtor, I am actively pursuing becoming a Resident of Costa Rica and have filed the necessary paperwork, awaiting approval within a 6-month timeframe. Additionally, I am scheduled for CRGAR Certification in the coming month. I will be a fully licensed and practicing broker soon.  Know that I have established strong connections with the largest and most trusted realtors in Guanacaste, working exclusively with trusted, vetted, and licensed realty groups. Similarly, I only collaborate with the most reputable and experienced lawyers in the region. Trust is paramount, which is why Mango Baby Beach  guarantees a partnership built on trust and reliability.
My Promise
I am committed to always telling you the truth, even if it's not what you want to hear. I promise to follow through with any commitment that I make to you.  I'll ensure you avoid bad decisions and make wise investments in the market. Rest assured, I'll handle your business within a network of trusted partners at Mango Baby Beach. Count on me to provide knowledgeable advice as if it were my own money. Together, we'll navigate the financial realm with a smile and a laugh. Let me know what you are looking for and I will send you listings from all of our Partners sites.  Tell me what you NEED in your dream Pura Vida Home, and I will find it... Or simply send me a message and we can become friends and you can pick my brain and ask me anything.

Example Questions:
How much should I budget for a Second Home?  3 bedroom, Ocean View Villa with a pool in Tamarindo?  Coco?  Flamingo?  Hermosa?  
Can you recommend Property Management Companies to manage an Investment Property?
I have young Children?  How are the schools in the area?    
Is Costa Rica Safe?
What are average utility costs of a 2500 square foot home?  

I work remote, and need reliable internet...  What is the average speed in the area?
Do I need to be a Resident of Costa Rica to own property there? (Answer...  NO YOU DO NOT)
Ask me anything...  I am here to help! My name is John Murray.  Pura Vida

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